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Inter-AS Option B ASR9K/IOS-XR - Config Help with MDT RPF Vector


Basically in my setup, I have AS65501 and AS65502.  AS65501 / AS65502  know all but a couple PEs from each respective AS (Provider exported  some routes for Inter-AS Option C L2VPNs).  Thus, I would some support of the RPF vector to alleviate some of the problems.

Apologize in advance, I have not had a chance to capture a debug of the PIM Join messages from PE to see the embedded RPF vector (if set correctly).  From the debug I saw, looks like its not even attempting to send the message. gave a good guide but it was IOS encentric.  I've hit some issues attempting to follow IOS guides with IOS-XR configurations.

Attached is a PE in AS 65501 that has attached customer edges.  Basically, it can't resolve the RPF neighbor to send the join.  Any guidance to my configuration problem would be appreciated.

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Not supported on IOS-XR:

Cisco Reply:  "We do not support origination or termination of rpf-vector in IOS-XR today, for global table (BGP-nexthop) and Inter-AS Option B case". 

Thus you would need to expose the PEs addresses of ASx in ASy and vice versus for the operations to successfully work.  Inter-AS Option C may be a better choice if possible, you own ASes.  Option B will work with the caviant of course you would need to export those specific routes of the originating BGP peers of the SAFI.

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