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IP SLA check packet loss

Hello team,

I have an issue trying to optimize, if possible.

I have a critical service which I need to improve.

This is the scenario.


I have a subnet which I receive from an iBGP neighbor.

It is a public ip address I can reach from a private circuit from a ISP.

We can reach those remote servers via internet too.

The goal is to reach those public servers using MPLS (received from iBGP), but to create an ip sla to monitor the link (not just directly connected interface but the whole path), and change the route to internet (my default route) if we detect some packet loss or timeouts.

I have been reading some documents and posts but I am not sure how to get this to work.

I guess it can be done with icmp jitter or udp jitter, but maybe it´s easier to deploy an icmp echo to test this.

My idea is to configure a static route pointing to my perimetral FW associated to a track which ckecks packet loss (e.g 15-30%), but couldn't find a good explanation about this.

If the private link recovers this should be preferred.



Any other idea will be appreciated.


Thanks in advance.

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