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IP SLA Monitor sessions on 1 router

I would like to impliment ip sla monitor on my network. I Have Hub anb spoke network with a central router at head office and many remote branches.

All the remote branches connect to the Head office via 2 connections, 1 primary and 1 backup link using static routes routing traffic to the same destination and vice versa at head office.

I wish to implement IP Sla Monitor on each router for redundancy between the 2 links. No Problem for the remote branch as it only requires 1 entry for ip Sla monitor , access list and local policy, Tracking etc

My question is how may Ip sla Sessions can the central router support? Do I have to create a ip sla session for each router? Seperate access list, local policy , tracking ? etc. I have about 50 remote routes. Does that mean 50 entries of each in the router? How does that affect my router in terms of load if it possible?

An sample configations? Please enlightd ones ,do Advise.

Rising star

I am assuming from a previous post you are using static routes to do this and you have 2 physical circuits going to 2 differnet provider MPLS clouds.

Short answer is yes you must have all that stuff setup for each site in your main router. If you were really running any to any you would require this massive configurations at all sites.

Depends on your model of the main router. I have run 20-25 sla configurations on a 2811 just for jitter and saw no impact.

With 50 sites you should not even think about doing it this way. This is what routing protocols were invented for. Routing solves all this and would be trivial to configure compared to SLA. You need to contact your providers and see what they can offer you.