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IP SLA Setup

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Level 1

Hi All, 


I'm a little confused on the IP SLA..

I've read the Cisco Documentation, websites, but I still can't grasp the understanding of it.

Can someone help me understand it in plainly please?


I'm using the following syntax, but when I setup the frequency, it says nothing short of 5000ms, but when I use the ? it says to list in seconds..


ip sla 100
icmp-echo >destination< source-ip >source<
vrf inet
owner myself
frequency 1
threshold 100
time 100
hist hour 96
ip sla schedule 100 life forever start-time now


My goal is to set up a contious ping every second and records every packet 

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5seconds default.


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try and enter the threshold and the timeout first, in the order below:

Router(config-ip-sla-echo)#threshold 100
Router(config-ip-sla-echo)#timeout 100
Router(config-ip-sla-echo)#frequency 1

Georg Pauwen, 


That seem to work.

I'm sorry for asking this, but I am very rusty on my Cisco.. I'm coming from Adtran based products to Cisco..

Can you explain what each of them do?

I tried reading the Cisco documents but it seems to be in a foreign language.

Can you explain what the Threshold, Timeout, and Frequency mean?



frequency --> is the amount of time between each ICMP(ping). 1 second is the lowest value

timeout ->is the amount of time the SLA waits for a response. If no response is received within 100ms, the ICMP is considered failed

threshold --> sets the upper value for calculating network monitoring statistics created by an IP SLAs operation. You can see these statistics with the  'show ip sla statistics' command

Hi George, 


Thank you for that detailed information.

Please correct me if I am wrong, On the Threshold, does that mean that when I run the "sh ip sla stat" command, that the number of success/fails will increase accordingly each time between me running the sh ip sla stat to view the results?


I've had an issue on some cases, where I set the values like I did in my original post, but when I run the sh ip sla stats, it would just stay on "Number of Successes: 1" for 10+ minutes..


I would prefer to have it set to where when I run sh ip sla stats, that it updates every second or 2 seconds.. 
Is my syntax off in my original post? or am I missing a value/trigger?

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