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IP SLA Tracking with BGP

Hi all. I am reconfiguring a customers network from an inhouse MPLS, to our MPLS. They are currently using all static routing, but in order to convert to our network they need to run BGP on at least 2 of the 3 routers.  The tracking is used as a failover to use a VPN connection in the even the main WAN goes down. Will keeping the static routes in place that are working, modifying for the new next hop of course, continue to work?  If I am remembering my CCNA correctly Static routes have preference 1 over any other routing protocol.  The BGP will be advertising their networks into MPLS, and receiving default route, the static are more specific.  I'm thinking it will work, but just want to bounce it off others first.  We are doing a hard cut on the 10th.

Edison Ortiz
Hall of Fame Mentor

Longest prefix length will win over Administrative distance. As long as the statics have the longest prefix lenght for destination subnets, they will be chosen over any other routing protocol.



Gautam Renjen
Cisco Employee


If VPN is for failover, then run EIGRP / OSPF over VPN and have dynamic failover, which i think is better than ip sla. You'll also not need statics any more. BGP with MPLS providers usually is EBGP and so it'll have AD 20. OSPF / EIGRP will have AD higher than that 110 / 90, and so they won't be preferred , unless eBGP goes down.

The VPN is over non Cisco hardware, which I dont have access to. They tried to use EIGRP, but couldn't get the routers to talk to each other.  If what I have setup doesn't work out, then we can go to GRE tunneling with BGP for backup like we do for all our other customers, they will just need to get me a Public IP for each site for it to work.

Well after some trial and error we got it working. If BGP goes down,  tracking takes over and reroutes traffic over their VPN.  Since BGP is  single peer, this works fine.