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ISR 4000 Licensing

Hello there

Although it's not a new topic, but I think there is a need to clarification. Could someone please inform us about ISR 4000 different licenses ? 

- We know technology licenses ( Sec, AX, ...) are all RTU, right?

- What about performance (Throughput) license? Is it RTU,too?

- When Cisco introduced RTU licenses, they say there is no need to upload any additional files to router/switch. It means you're only supposed to have an approval document for your purchase. Right?

- So what would happen if we active a performance license without purchase? When you active a license, it's an Evaluation license at first, after 90days, it'll be converted to an RTU ( Doesn't matter whether it's purchase or not ). So you can reload your router whenever you want. You can also upgrade or downgrade your device without any licensing issues. Right?


So people can order an ISR 4451/Sec9 and activate its performance license without any extra cost without any issue (Legal issues would implicitly be there) 

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Re: ISR 4000 Licensing



the technology licenses are RTU, as is the Performance license. For the Boost Performance, you have to order a license, as it is not RTU...


Obviouslu you van use the RTU license without actually purchasing it, but you are in violation then. I am not sure what measures Cisco takes, but it is not a good idea to do that...


Re: ISR 4000 Licensing

Dear Georg,

Thanks for replying.

So, we can activate Performance license and Security license without any further issue,and we are also able to upgrade IOS alongside any desired reload. Right?


This means Cisco knows how mission-critical are IT demands . In addition, uploading and keeping license files on hardware platforms was not a good idea at all. That could cause too many problems and bugs. Now, technicians are not worry about any side-effects. Legal issues are also covered by physical or electrical purchasing documents.



Re: ISR 4000 Licensing

Hello again eveybody

For a final clarification,

1. Are Performance and Security Licenses both RTU?

2. Does an RTU license means, you are not required to upload any LIC file or something like that on router ? I mean, you only need a set of commands to active an RTU license without any further action.

3. If the answer for above questions is YES, it means any upgrading or downgrading OS or installing and moving licenses and also reload and ..... doesn't affect anything.


Of course, your answers to these question are going to be used in an article,too. So please be carefully and also don't worry for any abuse