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iWAN with ISR-G2


Recently I participated to one of the Cisco partner briefing where they pitched iWAN design using internet as an alternate transport. With dual ISP connections, the increased SLA at reduced cost compare to MPLS. It leveraged DMVPN, WAAS, QoS, PfR features to achieve the goal. If I had a single router per site, its dead simple configuration but don't know how to implement with dual headend router. Would something like attached diagram be possible? How would WAAS function for such redundancy? I am not worried about other features but more worried about how WaaS and PfR would be configured.


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Re: iWAN with ISR-G2


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PfR shouldn't have any problem with multiple routers.  The MC is what keeps track of egress pathes, whether on a single router with mutiple egress ports and/or multiple egress routers.

I haven't worked with Cisco's WaaS, so I don't know whether it shares state information between devices.  This would be something to check.

"iWAN", eh?  That's a nice marketing term.

I've (extensively) used VPN across Internet for a site-to-site connectivity.  It can work fairly well (I've found it often on par with private WAN cloud technologies, e.g. frame-relay, ATM and MPLS), but if you want to manage application performance using QoS you really need to be able to manage all congestion points.  Cloud egress, for multipoint, is a major issue.  "Sharing" the Internet connection for VPN and "regular" Internet access is a problem too.

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