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Layer 2 Extension - 6509 Sup-720 VSS

Hi All,

We are having a 200Mbps point to point fiber connection put into place between two geographically disperse states.  We are being told we can "do whatever we wish" with the fiber connection from creating a layer 3 point to point with some /30's or we could use it as a Layer 2 extension.  I want to extend the data center to this location and keep the same subnet.  My primary concerns are broadcast traffic, spanning-tree, etc.  We were told it's basically like "dark-fiber" in appearance to us. 

So my question is with the 6509 not supporting OTV, is it safe to just simply plug in some fiber gbics and extend vlan's over a trunk?  Should I run HSRP between the sites being that it's a disaster recovery data center, or should I just tell my people live with the fact that there will be different subnets at each site.  I'm really struggling with this one...  I don't have the budget to invest in a Nexus 7k for OTV and I'm concerned about spanning-tree, the possibility of having HSRP thinking it's alive in both places if there is a failure on the point to point, etc.   Suggestions, ideas, etc?

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