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MPLS and PBR on Egress PE


Hi all, 


I tried to search posts about this topic but I didn't find something related to it. 

My question is, I have Site A and Site B connected with MPLS. 

When traffic arrive from Site A to Site B, I want avoid lookup on routing table on Site B - Egress PE, because I have to match different traffic types with PBR and redirect it to different next-hops. 

With MPLS isn't possibile apply PBR to specific Ingress interface on PE, so I don't know how is possibile do it. 


Is there some simple solution to achieve this goal ? 








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Georg Pauwen
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VIP Master



is MPLS traffic engineering an option for you ?

Hi Georg, 


can TE solve this problem ? from my point of view TE can help to use best path to optimize connections ... Am I wrong ? 




Giuseppe Larosa
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Hello Marcello,

you mean an MPLS L3 VPN service ?

In this case traffic arrives at egress with the VPN label , the VPN label is removed and used to send traffic to CE node.


A possible trick is to use two VRFs on the egress PE :

B1 is used to advertise customer prefixes to the backbone and receives traffic

B2 connects to the actual CE nodes and also there is a physical link between the two VRFs on a shared IP subnet using static routes on B1 side and allowing to use PBR on the B2 side interface.

By using a LAN switch you can use two VLAN based subinterfaces to build the B1 to B2 link taken from two different physical interfaces of egress PE.

As an alternative to all this setup you can add a  SP managed CE device in front of the real CE nodes and implement PBR on it.


Hope to help



Thank you Giuseppe, 


sorry Giuseppe, yes I talking about L3VPN service


probably it can be a solution, but in my environment isn't possibile apply it or ... better .. I want evaluate before other solution that don't need another VRF.




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