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Multicast Through ASA

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I've been doing a lot of searching on this and can't seem to find any helpful information.  I've read the CLI configuration guides and they don't really tell me what I need to know.  My situation: I have a Nexus 9500 that is a BSR and C-RP.  It is the only device in the network that has rp-announce configured.  Upstream will be an ASA 5516-X that has multicast enabled with PIM/IGMP enabled on inside and outside interfaces.  ACLs are in place to allow the traffic to flow.  Outside is an ASR1001 that has mGRE to a few other sites.  


nx9504 <-> ASA <-> ASR <-> mGRE to other sites.


My question is whether the the ASR will learn through the ASA about the Nexus being an RP (the only one that is announcing) or if the ASA has to have some other configuration in place for the ASR to learn?  Again, I've read the CLI guide and it doesn't give the answer.  

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here is a good document to understand how MCAST will be learned.


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Thank you for the response. I have read her document in the past. Unfortunately, it is for 7.x and we're running 9.12.14. Although some of the configuration is the same, there are a number of features added. What I'm looking for is how will the ASA act when the RP is on the inside. All the documentation I've found only instances where the source (host) is on the inside and sends to the outside with the RP on the outside.
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