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Multiple dynamic WAN IPs - one gateway - possible?


First of all, I am a newbie with advanced networking. I know the basics of IP adresses, DNS, VLANs, NAT and DHCP, but that's about it.

I have my internet connection delivered though a cable modem (150 mbits connection). From the cable modem I receive up to 4 public IP adresses through DHCP. There is a quite long lease on these IP adresses, so I usually keep them for 1 year.

I am about to make a large internal test environment on VMware. To be able to perform what I want I need 3 public IP adresses that could be NATed or similar to three different virtual machines. I was hoping I could utilize the dynamic IP adresses I receive for this, and then manually update my DYNdns account to match the IPs.

So far I have tried to install two Linksys E3200 routers through a Switch connected to my cable modem. Both of the Linksys routers receive an external IP through DHCP. The problem now is that I got two gateways. Again, I am a newbie, but I assume two different gateways (and later on 3) will cause a lot of confusion on my internal network.

I am thinking about bying some new hardware that will help me in using a web portal or similar to NAT my three different external IP adresses to different servers on my local network. Another option could be to change some routing tables, but again, this is way out of my knowledge zone.

I have been looking into the RV042G router and its one-to-one NAT capabilities. This could work for me, but I have'nt figured out if this is possible with DHCP yet. Would this work?

Basically what I would like to achive is that 3 different VMs with 10.0.0.x IPs are NATed through one gateway towards three different external (DHCP provided) IP adresses. Du to limitations in the software I would need to have three SSL connections, and therefore I would need three public IPs.

Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.