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MY CCNP router and Trouble shooting is valid ?

I passed exam CCNP router and trouble shooting
around 12/28/15 but i do not still pass switch..

I Know router and trouble shooting exam expire in 2018
but I passed CCDA and OCSE around 2017..

And then my CCNA was extend in 2020

I hope router and trouble shooting  is extend...


so I want to know.. if I pass exam switch
Can I get CCNP certification? or do I have to get router and trouble shooting again ?

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Re: MY CCNP router and Trouble shooting is valid ?


Yes if you pass a valid  cisco exam(CCNA/Professional/Expert) all your other cisco exams you have already passed and have not yet expired will be extended

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Re: MY CCNP router and Trouble shooting is valid ?

I am not sure what the OCSE is however as far as I understand you have to re-cert with the same level or higher, so if thats the case then you should be fine but it will show on your cert tracker.
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Re: MY CCNP router and Trouble shooting is valid ?

Differently to the others I doubt that this will work. To my understanding, only certifications (like CCNA, CCNP, ...) are extended when a new exam of the same or higher level is passed. But not the individual exams. And if the exam itself is expired and the certification is not yet reached, I think that these exams have to be done again. But I am not exactly sure here.


Re: MY CCNP router and Trouble shooting is valid ?

Youll have to take Route and TShoot all over.  You have a three year period to take all three to be CCNP certified.  CCDA will renew the CCNA as you saw but for CCNP, it doesnt count towards that.  I was in similar situation late last year.  Passed Route in Sept 2016.  Thought taking Switch in 2019 would renew and keep CCNP path going for three more years.  I was wrong.  I just passed Switch last week and have to take TShoot by Sept.  Unfortunately, youll have to start from square one for CCNP.  

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