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Native VLAN not passing through access ports

Hi all,

I have a interconnection of 3 already deployed switches. the interface between switch 1 and 2  has been configured as a trunk and the interface between switch 2 and 3 as access port.

The problem is my native vlan 1 is not passing through my access ports which i have to use for management purposes also.

Thanks for the help in advance.

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Hey could you post some

Hey could you post some outputs maybe the show int trunk from each switch and the show spanning-tree summary , switch should never stop passing vlan 1 as its the control vlan for the switch that handles cdp and stp traffic etc so even when you shut the int vlan down, vlan 1 at L2 should always operates


Hi Mark,

Hi Mark,

I am currently not in the Data Center, but the situation was:

3 switches interconnected ,with one another, 1 & 2 having trunk link between them and 2 and 3 having access interface. 

i was not allowed to(Rules) :

-Change/Modify the native vlan 1 although it was not communicating on the switch 1 and 2 which had the trunk interface.

-Or make the access interface to trunk as it was not allowed by the SP.

Could you please provide me with a solution to make another VLAN and converge it to the access ports on switch 3 for management and also keeping in mind the rules mentioned above.



Also the switches wee 2960

Also the switches wee 2960

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You have not provided much

You have not provided much information about this environment. But it seems likely that the access ports that connect switch 2 and 3 are assigned to a vlan that is different from vlan 1. In that case it is expected behavior that vlan 1 traffic will not be forwarded from switch 2 to switch 3. I believe that there are several alternatives for how you could fix this:

- you could change the ports that connect these switches and make then trunk ports.

- if you can not make them trunk ports then perhaps you could change their configuration so that they were access ports in vlan 1.

- if you can not make them access ports in vlan 1 then perhaps you could allocate another pair of ports on the switches and make a second connection between switches and make these ports access ports in vlan 1.




Hi Richard & Mark,

Hi Richard & Mark,

I just got another issue to discuss..:)

I have a network design of a Hotel,considering the Core, Distribution and Access Design, and using ZYXEL Switches in our core.

The Setup is : Main Core Switch (MS-7206S) and Backup Core Switch (MS-7206S) which are Link Aggregated (Etherchannel in Cisco); having two links into one link aggregation


The backup Core switch does not take over incase the Main core Switch fails/crashes.

Please can you provide me with an idea of what possible could the issues be and their solution

Thanks in advance


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