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Need help in connecting my DSL to Linksys

When I use the enclosed CD, it tells me I am not connected.

When I use the DSL instructions, I can't connect either.

Intenet is connected to the DSL Port on the modem.

Ethernet port on modem is connected to the Internet Port on the Router

Ehthernet port on the router is connected to my PC.

The instructions say to turn the modem off & restart the computer. When I do that I am not connected to the internet.

I have a Westell Modem 1600.

Using Windows Vista

IP provider is Fairpoint

Somebody help?

Reza Sharifi
Hall of Fame Expert

Hi Carolyn,

Without using the Linksys, what happens if you connect your PC directly to the Ethernet port of the modem?



I think this must be the problem - I can't connect via the Ethernet port from my modem. I have to use the USB connection.

Is there a way around that?



As recommended I would connect your computer Ethernet port directly to the modem, cycle power on the modem then go to "network connections" on your PC.  Look at your LAN interface and check the TCP/IP properties.  Make sure that both the IP address and DNS are both set to automatic.  Then go back and see what IP address has been assigned to the port.  It should be a public IP that is assigned by your phone company.  You can also check it by going to the command prompt and typing ipconfig/all.  You need to get this working before anything else.

Once that is working then connect up your system like you described.  Turn on the modem first, and then the router.  The router is initially set up as a DHCP server and should automatically assign a private IP address like ( with a subnet mask of  Again look at the Ethernet port status to verify that.

If you still can't get an internet connection after getting to this point you need to look at your internet settings.

I can only connect to the internet using the USB port from the modem to the computer.

I read where I need to change the modem to brdige mode by typing in Supposedly the user is admin and the password is password. When I put that in it asks me if I really want to change the password.then I keep getting that screen.

I am feeling really stupid and frustrated. And I've had a headache for 2 days.

carolyn, email me at

I finally got the modem into Bridge mode. I still can't connect using the Cisco Linksys 160N.

I can only connect to the internet by connecting the modem directly to the computer.  

Now what?