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Network Connection for 250 - 350 users

Hello all,

I know this is a bad question as I have been worked over by it. The company I work for has a remote office on the other side of the country that supports about 250-350 users. We have them as part of our Active Directory domain and we are doing replication and a Site to Site VPN tunnel with them for this data. The question I am running into is what would be a good starting point for a connection to a POP? The main IT guy there seems to think that they NEED a OC1 which I am totally against. I have no metrics, basically no data to make this call with the exception of the number of users. We have the ability with the Service provider to go with a OC3 interface that is provisioned down to a small pipe and f the requirement arises to have more speed we can bump it up.

My initial thoughts are to have them go with a 6mb connection and we will review the bandwidth utilization and see where we are at. I just thought I would get the advice of some Professionals to base my decision. I know it is almost impossible to make a accurate guess without the data.

Thanks for any inputs.


VIP Mentor

Re: Network Connection for 250 - 350 users

Hello Mike,

I agree with you that without accurate bandwidth utilization data, an OC-1 could be overkill, besides, it is probably going to be quite extensive.

A starting point would be to do some utilisation monitoring at the remote site, you can use a freeware tool such as MRTG for that, which will give you quite conclusive graphs (

Also, it might be a good idea to find out how much of the traffic generated at the remote site actually has to traverse the (future) WAN link, and how much will stay local...

Just some thoughts; if you decide to use MRTG (which is really a nice tool, and totally free) let me know and I can help you set it up, it is quite simple once you know a few things about it...




Re: Network Connection for 250 - 350 users

Thanks for your response. I am actually using Cacti for our bandwidth monitoring and so forth. Unfortunantly the remote site does not have the skillset to properly install and configure these applications. I have asked the service provider to provide reports of the link utilization over a period of 6 months once they are installed. This will give us some insight if we are getting our money's worth.

Thanks again.

They will have to settle for what we give them unless they can justify additional bandwidth.

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