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Nexus 5K with L3 and VPC + SITE1 and SITE 2 redundancy

Hi all,

I am looking your help in the attached design  . please suggest the following design works your help much appreciated.


Nexus 5K

Site 1 - Two nexus switches with vpc ( hsrp)

site 2  - two nexus switches with vpc ( hsrp)

routing protocol proposed - OSPF or BGP

Propsal  - 1) Site 1  will be primary path over mpls link for the site 2 as well , all traffic from the sites 2 will come to the site 1 via back to back connected links

2) if site 1 MPLS link down , traffic need to move ( both site 1 and site 1) to SITE 2 MPLS secondary path

3) if both MPLS link goes down , traffic will move on third path at SITE 1 which is over IPSEC ( internet link ) if this also fails , then site 2 fourth path redundancy ipsec ( internet link )

however in this design , 1) the Nexus 1 switch will be connecting to MPLS router only  ( both sites )

                                       2) both site nexus 2 connecting each site Internet router only

                                       3) both site connects link   nexus 1 to nexus 1 and Nexus 2 to nexus 2


with this design , I would like understand 

1)  the nexus 5K  must need to run dynamic routing protocol over vpc link , separate Layer 3 link between these two nexus switch wont work as per cisco , with that  I am building dynamic routing between two switches over vpc , also dynamic routing over connected L3 links to both MPLS and IP sec routers

2) with the above dynamic routing for the both the sites , I will be having one more L3 link with dynamic routing protocol  between sites

3) both sites links will be run over either BGP or OSPF

4) would like to know , this design works ? , please help .



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