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Nexus 7000 missing licences which should come in the bundle


We have ordered the following 10 line items , but only got 3 licences , unless the 3 licences somehow have all the licences integrated into the 3 part numbers below, but I suspect not.

Licences attached from Cisco:-

N7K-C7009-XL-SBUN   Nexus 7009 Scalable Feature License                         x  1

N7K-C7009-SBUN-P1   Inc LAN,ADV,TRS,EL2,DCNM,DCNMSAN,MPLS,SAN,XL -Promotion     x 1

DCNM-N7K-K9-SBUN    DCNM for LAN Enterprise License for one Nexus 7000 Chassis  x 2

We have ordered :-

N7K-ADV1K9-SBUN          Nexus 7000 Advanced LAN Enterprise License (VDC, CTS ONLY)          2

DCNM-SANN7KK9-SBUN          DCNM for SAN Advanced Edition for Nexus 7000          2

N7KS1K9-60          Cisco NX-OS Release 6.0          2

N7K-EL21K9-SBUN          Nexus 7000 Enhanced Layer 2 License          2

N7K-LAN1K9-SBUN          Nexus 7000 LAN Enterprise License (L3 protocols)          2

N7K-F248XP-25          Nexus 7000 F2-Series 48 Port 10GbE (req. SFP+)          2

N7K-C7009-SBUN-P1          N7K Software License Bundle for 7009-Limited Time Promotion          2

N7K-SAN1K9-SBUN          Nexus 7000 SAN Enterprise License          2

N7K-C7009-XL-SBUN          Nexus 7009 Scalable Feature License          2

N7K-MPLS1K9-SBUN          Nexus 7000 MPLS License          2

but when we log on we get

7009-1(config)# sh lic us

Feature                      Ins  Lic   Status Expiry Date Comments



MPLS_PKG                      No    -   Unused             -

STORAGE-ENT                   No    -   Unused             -

ENTERPRISE_PKG                No    -   Unused             -

FCOE-N7K-F132XP               No    0   Unused             -

ENHANCED_LAYER2_PKG           No    -   Unused             -

SCALABLE_SERVICES_PKG         No    -   Unused             -

TRANSPORT_SERVICES_PKG        No    -   Unused             -

LAN_ADVANCED_SERVICES_PKG     No    -   Unused             -

LAN_ENTERPRISE_SERVICES_PKG   No    -   Unused             -


Are they ment to be factory installed or do we need to down load them from somwhere and if so is there some instructions to follow

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you should have received a PAK key in the licence pack you recievd, these need to be registered with Cisco

once these are registered you will receive a licence file from Cisco which needs to be installed on the switch

if the licences are already installed you will need to activate them

the following doc is very helpful

please rate if helpful

we only received 2 x pak keys for DCNM licences, what about the rest ?

its possible the licences have been bundled together into one pak.

I would intall the PAK's you have and see what this licenses you for, if you are short, contact your Cisco partner who supplied the licenses

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