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NM-16AM Cabling and Configs?

Hi all, busy building a lab environment at work using a 3745 with a NM-16AM and hoping to use it as a Console Terminal Server to access other routers on their Console ports.

I am struggling to get this working, and spefically require help with the following:


  • RJ11 (4-wire) (modem port) to RJ45 (8-wire) (console port)
  • I am not entirely sure of the "pinouts" for the wiring. I have searched the net and can mainly only find RJ45 to DB9 pinouts. It is driving me nuts. I am not great at "serial" technologies, so hence the issues.


As long as this is configured like a normal terminal server's "lines", and I am hoping it is, then I have the following, which should by all accounts be correct:

! line 97 - 112 for the modems appears in the configs


int loop0

ip addr


ip host router1 2097


line 97

no exec

transport input telnet


I obviously am not getting any feedback from the remote console, so the issue is definitely pointing to cabling, as I do get the following when I connect to the host:

Trying router1 (, 2097)... Open

but nothing further, which leads me to believe the config is right, but the cabling is not.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, as this is seriously doing my head in. I am thinking mainly 2 things:

1) Cable wiring and pin-outs. What should they be? RJ11: 1,2,3,4 to RJ45: ?,?,?,?

2) Flow-control as I am only using 4 of the 8 provided wires on the console. Should it be enabled? If so, where? Any other hardware specific commands for this?

Also, must anything else be configured on the remote router too, on the console port or the AUX port if that is used? Surely telnet is allowed by default, so it should see that without issues.



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