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No access to LAN subnets via Client VPN

Hello all,

We use Shrew Soft VPN Client to make a client VPN connection to our customers Cisco routers.

This works fine, at least for 99% :)

We have this strange situation with 1 of our client routers. We can succesfully establish a client VPN tunnel to the router.
On my Windows 10 machine when I do a "route print" I can see the subnets on customer side are reachable via the tunnel adapter.

However, those subnets are not accessible and can't be pinged. This is the case via 2 different WAN connections on our side. Strange thing is when I create a hotspot on my smartphone, connect my laptop via WiFi to that hotspot, and connect with the client VPN, it DOES work and I can access the subnets on the other side.

Also with the "old" Cisco VPN client on a machine in the same LAN as my laptop I am able to connect and reach the client's subnets just fine. So our WAN side is not blocked by any means by the customers router.


So to sum it up:

laptop on ethernet - shrew soft vpn client -> customer -> no success

laptop via hotspot - shrew soft vpn client -> customer -> success

laptop on ethernet - old cisco vpn client -> success


Any ideas what the root cause might be and how to troubleshoot this ?

Many thanks in advance.




ps client router is cisco 881 with firmware 15.4(3)M10

i upgrade the firmware yesterday, it didn't work with 15.4(3)M9 as well





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