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No internet connection, service provider can't help

Hello all,

I apologize if this question is posted in the wrong place.

A couple of days I lost internet connection on all my devices (Wasn't doing anything that could have caused it, as far as I can remember). I can locate and connect to the wireless network, so the router seems to be working fine. My service provider first indicated that my modem was old, so they sent a new one (Cisco DPC3010). Still have no internet, and my SP says it had to be set up wrong and can't/won't help in any other way than to send a technician to make sure I've connected the right cables in the right sockets, for $150. If this was the case, it's a bit strange that the old modem just stopped working when it had not been touched for almost a year.

Anyway, I realize this is not alot to work with. The lights on the modem go as follows:

Power light is always solid (obviously)

DS light starts blinking

DS light goes solid after about 30 seconds, and US light starts blinking

After another 30 seconds or so, DS, US and the online light blinks at the same time for 4-5 times, then all lights except power go out.

Cycle repeats

Any clues here? Connecting/disconnecting the coaxial cable does not seem to affect the light pattern.

- I have restarted/reset everything

- Tried different coaxial cable

- Tried different wall socket (I guess they're on the same circuit, but TV connection from the same socket works fine)

Any help would be most appreciated, if there is something I can do or run by my service provider.

Best regards,