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OSPF BGP Misconfiguration

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I am unable to ping

From Router 2 I cannot ping

From Router 3 I cannot ping

From Router 3 I cannot ping

From Router 4 I cannot ping

I have attached the configuration please help.

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what is the objective ? The requirements state that you should run BGP and OSPF, but you run RIP/OSPF and static routes all on the same router.


Try and remove all routing (dynamic and static) from all routers, then add:


router ospf 100

network area 0


to all routers to establish basic connectivity end to end.

Martin L


BGP is tricky; you will not always have end to end reach-ability depending on how you advertise networks.  Often you must use extended ping with source of IP that is advertised via BGP and exists on the destination router.  and vice versa, destination router must have route back to source.

for example,  we have R3 with and R4 with;  from R3 you must ping source,  if you do not, then router picks outgoing interface as source of ping whcih may or may not be advertised by router.  

Try extended ping with source ,  if that fails, show us show ip bgp and do ping with source IP.


Regards, ML
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