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Policy based routing on Cisco SG350X-48P

Hi Everyone,


Could someone please share their knowledge or experience to solve my configuration problem and advise about the best way.


This is regarding routing configuration on our newly purchased Cisco SG350X-48P (SN: DNI23160B1Q) for customer.


I have deployed this switch as layer3 core switch for our customer. I configured internet routing from  this switch to the internet modem successfully. But now customer wants us to add another internet modem for distributing internet as modem capacity or bandwidth is small and hence additional modem to distribute traffic .


That is I have to route vlans 5-20 through modem1 connected through layer3 port 49 on 350


And I have to route vlans 100,200 through modem2 connected through layer3 port 50 on 350 switch.



Please advise the best way to configure this.


Below is summary of what I have done alongwith attached pic and running config



Firstly I created default rout /24 (nexthop=192.168.x.1=ip of modem1)  but I cannot create second default route of /24 (nexthop = modem2 ip = 192.168.y.1) – its showing invalid ip


I have created the 350 ports connected to modem1 and 2 as layer 3 ports



Then I created access list for staff to permit subnets for vlan5-20


Then I created access list for guest to permit subnets for vlan100,200


Then I created route-map staff with match to acl staff and set next hop as staff ip



Then I created route-map guest with match to acl guest and set next hop as guest ip


Then I binded to interface 49, routemap staff


Then I binded to interface 50, routemap guest


But I see that all traffic from all vlans can pass through both 49 and 50 port to modems with 49 being default path and 50 being used only if 49 is shut.


Pls advise how to route only vlans 5-20 through 49 port and rest from port 50



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Re: Policy based routing on Cisco SG350X-48P

to make things simpeler, you can

- route all traffic to modem-1 by default.
- use a single policy-map for traffic that needs to be sent to modem-2



· Route maps are always applied for inbound traffic, and the route-map does not have any effect on the outbound traffic. 

read this post

so, if possible on this device , create a virtual address (loopback address) send traffic from the vlans to the loopback address, apply the policy-map there to set next-hop to the modem

else you need an extra router




Re: Policy based routing on Cisco SG350X-48P

There is no feature for loopback address on 350


My plan


I made port 49 and 50 as layer3 ports using no switchport and assighning op address 80.2 and 100.2 respectively correspong to router ip.
Is not policy based routing the way here as i want only vlan5-20 to go through 49 to router1 and rest traffic from 50-router2?
I have planned to create acl permitting only vlan5-20 and the apply to routemap with match and set to router1 as next hop
And then apply this route map inly to interface vlans 5-20
Will this work or do u suggest some other way?