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Policy routing help on mobile router

Hi all,

    My company has mobile medical trucks that move from client to client and provide diagnostic services. These trucks have a Cisco 1801 router on each truck that is configured to do a few things:

1. When the truck is at it's homebase the 1801 ADSL interface connects the router to the internet so it can make a VPN with our datacenter and send data to our datacenter

2. When the truck is at a client site the FastEthernet0 conection is used to NAT the trucks internal addresses to the FE0 address and send data to the clients systems

We would like to be able to add the ability to have the truck also send from the client site to our datacenter as well, but the problem is the route maps are getting in the way.

Here is an example, we can send to from the homebase over the VPN. However, if we try this from the client site the DMS_RMAP_1 gets in the way because it is connected to ACL 110. If I change ACL 110 to permit the traffic to then the truck stops routing traffic to our datacenter when it is at the homebase.

There are some statics involved with this setup. First, the FE0 address cannot be changed nor can the FE0 default gateway. This is something many customers have agreeded upon with mobile vendors. Also, all the traffic from FE0 needs to be NATTED to the FE0 address. Once the traffic gets to the client network, it is their responsibility to NAT that traffic again so it can be sent to us via a client VPN connection. This portion is working, just getting the traffic off the truck is the problem.

The most frustrating part about this was we had this working, but the router configuration was lost. This config is very close to what was working, we are just missing something.

Any ideas?