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Redistribute OSPF default-information originate into BGP?

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Hello all, I've been searching forums for about 6 hours trying everything and anything, not to mention slowly working on this for a few weeks now, but I have failed so I am turning to anyone willing to help, thank you in advance!


Above is my network topology. Without posting 20,000 pages of code, I just need some advice on what to do.

- I have to advertise default routes ONLY from ASA1 (OSPF) and ASA2 (RIPv2) somehow into their internal protocols and have that propagate throughout the whole network via BGP...but if ASA1 or ASA2 inside/outside interface goes down, or if the ASA just doesn't work, the default route can no longer be there (Yes with iBGP this would be relatively easy :/ )

- I cannot use iBGP

- I can't mess with the gateway router

- No BGP on ASA1, R1, or ASA 2

- If ASA1 goes down, everything can access internet through ASA2, and vice versa.

OSPF is already redistributed into BGP, and vice versa

RIP is already redistributed into BGP, and vice versa

R2, R3, R4, R5 have BGP and have eBGP neighbors

I haven't been able to get default routes from ASA1 or ASA3 via IGP (default-information originate) to propagate into BGP and out to neighbors

Every route knows about every route and can reach every address in the diagram via every path (I can post configs if needed but it's a lot, right now I'm using a lot of BGP default originate and some static routes just for testing)

What I have tried:

1. I knew this wasn't going to work but:

R2# router bgp 65000

neighbor (both in AS 000) default originate route-map METRIC <--Metric=222

R5# router bgp 65001

neighbor (both in AS 100) default originate route-map METRIC <--metric=333

It doesn't matter if ASA 1 or ASA 2 is up or down, R2 and R5 will still remain the default routes regardless...not what I want


ASA1# router ospf 100

default-information originate always

R2# router bgp 65000

redistribute ospf metric 100 match internal external.

The routes did not propagate into BGP and the neighbors never get the default route from eBGP.

3. Floating static routes but again came the problem with the network knowing that ASA1 or ASA3 is down and choosing the other path.

4. I tried so many other things I can't even remember them all :(

I appreciate anyone taking their time to respond, this is literally driving me nuts. I obviously must have missed something in my Cisco IP Routing (ROUTE) book...

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