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Refresh 881G+7-K9 3G cellular router with C1111-4/8P-LTEEA SIM Card Transfer


This is probably a dumb question but I need to ask as my cellular WAN expertise is minimal. I support a few cellular WAN sites that have the 881G+7-K9 router that connects to a provider 3G network. The router is end of life and the location now has LTE available. So I want to deploy a new router and use LTE. I do not know if the SIM in the existing router can be moved to the new router, keeping the same cell number, and link to LTE instead of 3G. Any advice?

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in general, moving SIMs between devices works the same as in mobile phones. Usually, there is no difference between 3G and 4G SIM cards, so you should be fine installing the SIM in the C1111.

Thank you for the reply. I decided to check the install guides and found the C1111 models have dual micro-SIM slots. The specs for 880/890G mentions dual mini-SIM slots. So it looks like I would need to order a micro-SIM with new cell number for the C1111 to replace the 880/890G. That probably makes it easier then trying to guide someone through moving the SIM card.



most if not all providers let you order SIM replacement cards (standard/micro/nano) without having to change the number.

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