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Reg:Site to site vpn

Dear Friends,

In site to site VPN,we have configured authentication ,encryption and applied over the data.If we know both end IP address,we assigned set peer cmd.If the interface are configured with DHCP(ISP),We don't know the interface IP address.At this scenario,how to configure site to site vpn.In remote VPN,how to configure remote VPN in cisco router.How to provide IP address dynamically to client host.kindly provide solution for this.

Thanks and Regards,

Mohamed kabeer.s

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vikram singh
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Level 1

Hi Kabeer,

In this case you can use Dynamic tunnel but make sure the other end is getting the ip address from DHCP.

hi vikram,

Thanks for your reply

I just want to know

1.Both ends are configured by DHCP.At this scenario,how to configure Site to site VPN? end configured with DHCP and another end configured with statically.In this scenario how to to configure site to site VPN?

Our company have huge project.They call me for i want to prepare myself how to configure?how it works?

Thanks and Regards,

Mohamed kabeer.s

Joseph W. Doherty
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Don't know if it can be used with a single site-to-site VPN, but DMVPN can use NHRP to support non-hub with dynamic tunnel IPs.  The client is configured with a hub's IP, and it uses NHRP to register its public IP with the hub.  The hub then "knows" the remote IP.  (NB: it also supports the remote IP being changed.)

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