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Reliability of DMVPN as primary link




We are planning to implement DMVPN (phase 3)  through internet to connect 100 plus locations (including business critical locations) . These locations are located around the globe including embargoed countries. However , while browsing through various case studies of DMVPN implementation, we understand the solution is used a backup link and not primary link for many of companies. Would like to know from you anyone that if the solution is successful as primary link as well. Kindly advise..





Hi Jubair,I have seen

Hi Jubair,

I have seen environments where more than 100 spoke sites are connected to Hub end using DMVPN.

However, the underlying the connectivity that they use is MPLS for Hub to spoke reachability.


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Sure, a single internet link

Sure, a single internet link will provide an availability of 99.9% or less. However a MPLS link is not much better at 99.95%. These figures are from the CiscoLive! presentation BRKRST-2021.

According to the same presentation if you deploy the standard Cisco IWAN solution leveraging DMVPN and dual internet links you can achieve 99.99% availability terminated on a single router.

In addition by using the internet costs are reduced by 75% in comparison to MPLS. See CiscoLive! presentation BKRCRS-2000 for details.

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Dear All, Thanks for the

Dear All,


Thanks for the reply, however Please advise if you have any customer case study that runs DMVPN as primary link.




Re: Sure, a single internet link

Possible to replace single primary MPLS site to single primary INTERNET through iWAN? 

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Case studies using DMVPN as a backup, are more due, I believe, to the question of reliability of the "Internet" rather than the DMVPN technology, itself.

I used to work within an international company with offices all over the world.  Usually we had a private WAN link and Internet VPN link to each site.  Although Internet VPN was "sold" to management as a lower cost backup/secondary, we usually treated the two links equally (as they had about the same bandwidths).  I saw very little difference in performance between the two technologies.  Regarding reliability, in 1st world countries, reliability was about the same.  In 3rd work countries, VPN actually has a slight edge (because if was often newer infrastructure and a primary focus for the country's build outs [i.e. everyone wants Internet access]).

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