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Replacing a Cisco 7206VXR (NPE-G1) with a Cisco 3750


I want to replace a Cisco router (7206VRX) that uses an NPE-G1 card with a Catalyst 3750 (WS-C3750G-24TS-S1U).

The router is usually near 45% of CPU use, most of it used by IP Input, for example:

CPU utilization for five seconds: 48%/9%; one minute: 44%; five minutes: 40%

PID Runtime(ms)   Invoked      uSecs   5Sec   1Min   5Min TTY Process

  87  22114577961861907396       1187 36.15% 31.97% 28.65%   0 IP Input

  43   416942932  23100245      18049  1.91%  1.94%  1.94%   0 Per-Second Jobs

156     6236772 881780076          7  0.23%  0.23%  0.23%   0 HQF Shaper Backg

284     59177641364402829          4  0.07%  0.09%  0.07%   0 HSRP Common

  39    29609524  14351674       2063  0.07%  0.18%  0.19%   0 Net Background

112     2398632  34738183         69  0.07%  0.07%  0.07%   0 CEF: IPv4 proces

296     1420084 702188830          2  0.07%  0.03%  0.02%   0 PPP Events

295     2651692 702188842          3  0.07%  0.06%  0.07%   0 PPP manager


It has only 3 Gigabit Ethernet interfases with less than 3 Mbps at each one, it doesn´t use any dynamic routing protocol. I think it has a high CPU usage because it has a lot of static route-maps which are not used.

I want to replace this router with the switch. My question is, which paramaters do you consider I should compare to be sure this switch won´t have problems using the actual router traffic?

From the datasheet I got these:

7206  - 1 mpps

3750 -  6.8 mpps

I didn´t find any other usefull caparable parameter:

NPE-G1 datasheet:

3750 datasheet:

thank you!!


Reza Sharifi
Hall of Fame Expert Hall of Fame Expert
Hall of Fame Expert

Be careful in doing that, because the functions although similar, but not exactly the same.  A 7200 by nature is a router and has specific functionality.  For example; you can terminate T1s and/or T3s or other circuit, on a 7200, but you could not do that with a 3750. A 3750 on the other hand by nature is a switch and although it can route and work as a layer-2 and layer-3 device, other functions are limited.  For example you can not  do NAT on a 3750 or run a GRE tunnel or run MPLS, and etc....

So if you are planning in replacing the 7200, you have to do your homework, so you can still use the same features and functions with the 3750.



shivlu jain

IP input is very high on this router. Could you tell are you using this router for NAT or any SNMP communities are enable on it?


Shivlu Jain

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