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Replacing ISDN Dial Around the Cloud with a VPN Solution

I am currently managing a point-to-point Frame-relay network with ISDN Dial around the cloud to protect against frame failures.

I want to investigate the use of VPN technology to replace the current ISDN system and am looking for pointers.

What equpiment should I be using.

Is there a dialer-watch equivilent.

Where do I start my investigation.

Hope you can help


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Re: Replacing ISDN Dial Around the Cloud with a VPN Solution


There are many alternatives to consider which might serve your purpose well. I have done quite a few VPN deployments for customers. I have used the 1700 series and am now using the 1841 routers for the remote router and feel that it has done well for us.It would take more knowledge of your environment and your requirements to get more specific about what equipment would be optimum.

Most of the VPN implementations I have done have used the VPN as the primary connectivity, but it should provide a pretty good backup to your Frame Relay connectivity. One aspect to evaluate would be the bandwidth and performance capability of the VPN. I suspect it will compare pretty well with the performance that you get from the ISDN.

I am not aware of anything like dialer watch. And in fact I do not believe that you really need it. Dialer watch (and similar technologies) are based on the assumption that you are paying for connect time and so are motivated to bring up the connection only when you need it. That would probably not be the case with VPN. In general VPN connections are always up/always on. If you are running a dynamic routing protocol over the Frame Relay it should be pretty simple to either run the routing protocol over the VPN also and let the routing protocol metrics prefer the Frame Relay as the preferred path and the VPN as backup with the Frame Relay fails. Or perhaps you might use floating statics to send traffic over the VPN when the Frame Relay is not available.

If you want some where to start your investigation I think you might start with this white paper describing IPSec VPN:



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