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repost: Simple no NAT routing advice please


Hi Folks.

Apologies for reposting I mistakenly listed my previous post as solved.

I have a 2960 switch with 5 VLAN's on top of the native, so it's 1 (untagged), 10,20,30,40 and 50.

I need to route these to a connection manager device that has multiple internet connections (ie, 3G, ADSL ). This device does not have 802.1Q and so no trunk port. However, it does have routing tables and will understand the IP address ranges of the different VLANS. For example, to control bandwidth, we can deny access to a particular connection (ie 3G) by setting a rule to block the IP addresses of certain subnets. So it acts like a router, but has no trunk port or sub interfaces.

I would like to ask what simple router can go between the 2960 and the connection manager device, that porivides routing but no NAT. It will connect to the switch with a trunk port so needs to support native + minimum 5 VLANS.

I don't need much bandwidth, just the cheapest router that can do the job.

Could anyone please advise, I need to purchase tomorrow.

Many thanks.


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Giuseppe Larosa
Hall of Fame Master Hall of Fame Master
Hall of Fame Master

Hello Neil,

you can use an entry level router with at least one FE from 1751 and above

a Cisco 2621XM with two FE would give you the possibility to connect the other box to the second FE port

newer routers like 1841or 2811  can be used as well

Hope to help


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