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Router Advice

Tom Melvin

Hello All,

We just signed off on a new ISP [Comcast Fiber/Business]. We have 2 firewalls for redundancy, and need to put a router in. They've given us a block of IP's, but only one [different subnet] for our Gateway/Device. Example: 50.204.138.x./30 for our Device, and then 50.204.139.x/27 for usable address space. Since we only have the one for our internal device/gateway, they're stating we need a router. My question is what would be best for our use? Would a 1921 [base] be adequate? Our bandwidth is around 30Mbsp.

Thanks in advance...

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Leo Laohoo
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Would a 1921 [base] be adequate? Our bandwidth is around 30Mbsp.


Joseph W. Doherty
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Your bandwidth is 30 Mbps simplex or duplex, i.e aggregate is 30 or 60 Mbps?  If the former, agree that a 1921 might be okay, if the latter you might want something more powerful.

I've attached a Cisco whitepaper for ISR performance.

Thanks for the quick reply. It's 30 aggregate, so I think for the short term we should be okay with the 1900.

I'll also look at the WP....

Thanks again!

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