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Routing failed to locate next hop for ICMP from outside: to


Good day all.


My network setup.


WiFi Device > APs > PoE Switch > WLC(2504) > Core(3750) > ASA(PAT/NAT) > Internet 


We have a wireless setup where users connects to our staff WiFi network and they authenticate via Microsoft RADIUS server(PEAP). Recently we started having issues, when we connect to staff WiFi it connects but shows "No internet, Secured", while it is connected we can access local resources(RDP, http/s etc.) but not the internet. When we connect an ethernet cable while the WiFi is connected on the same machine, the "No internet, Secured" status changes to Connected but when i remove the cable, it goes back to "No internet, Secured". I did some traces from our ASA and i see: Routing failed to locate next hop for ICMP from outside: to inside: We have PAT which we use to access internet and other NAT statements for other services. i checked our RADIUS server and WLC logs and i don't see any errors, i could be wrong. It seems like the traffic can go out, but no route back, i could be wrong.

When i run wireshark captures there no return traffic "no response"


Note: Wired network works well without issues, it's only the staff WiFi which gives issues even though it uses the same internet link as the the wired staff net. 


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