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RV042 - Direct ALL traffic to WAN1 except specific ports to WAN2?

I really hope this is possible as it's why I bought the router. I guess I thought it'd be easier!

I have two ISPs: Broadstripe cable and Speakeasy DSL. The Broadstripe cable downloads very fast but has latency spikes that are unacceptable when gaming. Speakeasy DSL downloads pretty slowly but is perfectly stable and consistent with low latency for gaming.

Simply put, I would like to route all traffic (web browsing/downloading, torrent downloads, etc) to WAN1, which is the Broadstripe cable. However, I would like World of Warcraft to use only the Speakeasy DSL on WAN2. In this manner I'd have consistently low latency in WoW, while enjoying the quick speeds of Broadstripe cable for everything else.

Is this possible? I've tinkered and toiled with the Protocol Binding options but for the life of me cannot get the results I seek. This must be possible?

Here's a screenshot of my Protocol Bindings. I'm very computer literate, but not familiar with this type of router or Dual WAN in general, so I may be entirely off the right path. Any help is appreciated!


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