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RV082 Restrats itself

So I have two problem if one can be solved the other won't be too big problem because we will have enough time to solve this.
The first: Linksys RV082 restrats itself randomly.
The second: Cisco RV042G can't print from Linux server however the setup is the same and the server can ping the printer.

More discribe of the problems:

The RV082 working perfect without any problem, but sometimes it restarts itself randomly even in one day it restarts 5 or 6 times. When it restarts we do the same as the day when it's works perfect. We need a VPN router because the other offices connect here for the remote app-s and the other programs or data they use so when it restart the other workers get kicked out they from they work if they use something what was here in this Office. This annoying because they can't work and if this occure two or more time in a day and you can't do anything about it because don't know the exact problem. I don't think it's electrical or a program because while I work here it was fine and the suddenly started it. Could this be that it's an old model and some hardware problem showed up? It's uses the latest firmware.

If the RV082 can't be solved because it's hoples we have another VPN router the Cisco RV042G. It won't restart randomly or anything like that, but 2 office can't print from a Linux server. They connect througth VPN checked the IP for the network printer the router can ping it the Linux server can ping it. When we send a document to get print the Server start to search the printer but not succes. The miracle of this issue is that this printer with this router can print from a Windows server and in another office they can print from the Linux server. We talked the linux server administrator he told that this nothing to do with the server it's not that fault ( I agree with him because the server can ping the printer and other server can print from the linux server) but then what could be the problem the config is the same as the RV082 which can print from the linux server even with the problematic printer.