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RV134W wireless 5G disappear randomly



In a short time we had a several complains about the wireless 5G signal of the Cisco RV134W. Randomly the 5G signal will disappear after a while. With a restart or disable/enable 5G will solve the problem temporary. The router has been upgraded to the newest firmware version The Wireless 5G are default settings. are there any other solutions?


Greetings Ward


I'm having the same issue, set the unit up, leave it running and at random times the 5G will drop off available lists (windows laptop, Android phone and iPhone x) i can log on to the admin page and its enabled but the only way to get them back up is to power cycle the box. I got this box to replace another Cisco RV215W Wireless N VPN Firewall Router which has a serious issue of wifi speed. Looks like this box has the power and speed to which the RV215W didt have BUT the 5G dropping is a big issue.


Firmware Version:

no update from cisco support after a week, was contacted about needing up update my profile and now its done quite, not the service I was expecting......guess its going back to supplier and i'll look at the D-Link DSR‑1000AC or Vigor 2926 if cisco cannot support their own product

I'm very dissapointment with this product and CISCO. I have the same problem too but with the 2.4G band.

I thought the issue was mine, but now I see this is generalized... and the firmware?...

try un-checking "CTS (Clear-To-Send) Protection Mode"? im waiting to see if that is the issue or not before swapping this unit out for a different brand


In your case, have you checked "CTS (Clear-To-Send) Protection Mode"?

The device automatically uses CTS (Clear-To-Send) Protection Mode when your Wireless-N and Wireless-G devices are experiencing severe problems and are not able to transmit to the device in an environment with heavy 802.11b traffic.
This function boosts the device’s ability to catch all Wireless-N and Wireless-G transmissions but will severely decrease performance. The default is Auto.



Deepak Kumar

Deepak Kumar,
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I have disabled the setting you mentioned for both 2.4G and 5G. I will test, looks as though it will take about 3 days to find out. thanks for the tip (l keep my fingers crossed it works)


An update from Cisco on the ticket I logged, my unit needs replacing apparently but i need to send it back BEFORE they send a replacement unit? waitting to see if it would be possible to get a unit before I send the old one back as this makes more sense to keep the small office up and running. 


Cannot help feeling the service from Cisco is almost has bad of the small office products....will keep you posted

This didn't work, I am in the office today and the 5G SSID is no longer visible. Both my laptop and phone are both unable to connect. Guess I can try my luck with Cisco replacing the unit but its not looking good for these small office Cisco appliances :s

I am having the same exact issue, same firmware.

The only way to fix it is by rebooting the router,

Is Cisco looking into this? have we got a patch yet?

Hi, cisco ended up swapping the unit out after attempts to try new firmware and various other things like resetting router and just connecting to the router etc. Ask for a replacement model or send the existing unit back