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RV325 Dual Wan load balancing issue

Current internet installed:  50 down/10 up & 30 down/30 up.  I've entered this information into the Bandwidth Management page.  Also enabled the network service detection for each.  Entered ISP host and entered the public IP of that interface.


Having issue with load balancing.  It appears that it never load balances to the faster down speed of 50, or very rarely.  Any speedtest i perform pulls the speeds of 20-25 down/20-25 up.  It seems like it uses the 30/30 internet more often than not.


Are there any settings that can help the router 'decide better' which internet ISP to use?

Watching Solarwinds real-time usage graphs shows the 50/10 barely getting used, roughly less than 5 Mbps down.  While the other line is maxed.

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Re: RV325 Dual Wan load balancing issue



in the Inbound Load Balance settings (page 43 of the attached guide) try to set the TTL to the lowest possible value...


Re: RV325 Dual Wan load balancing issue

I think i misspoke.  I am trying to direct my internet from inside the office to use both internet ISP's in a load balancing scenario.  I think your TTL would change for people initiating the connection to the internet whereas, i believe my computers are initiating 90%+ of the time.


If i perform any speed tests, or any access to the internet, i am primarily using 1 of my ISP interfaces - verified by using what is my ip, and graphs from solarwinds graphing of the SNMP.  

The ISP on the left is the 50/10, and right is 30/30.  Notice the labels on the left side of the graphs.



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