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Site to Site VPN issue

Hello, we have a strange issue occurring that I was hoping someone might have some idea on. We have a hub and spoke site to site vpn network setup where all of our satellite offices connect back to HQ. At HQ we terminate the VPN at a 5515-x asa and have AT&T fiber. At our satellite offices we have Meraki MX64 and MX65 firewalls. We use this to run a remote desktop back to corporate. Our issue is some of the sites have random freezing issues where it seems like the vpn drops or hangs for a second, this typically occurs once every 4 to 8 hours at random. Sometimes it happens to all of the thin clients at that office at once, other times it will just happen to 1.


The site to site vpn with Meraki is not great, since the ASA is a 3rd party peer it can only do IKEv1. I should note we have ComCast fiber at 75% of the satellite offices, and this issue only seems to occur at sites with ComCast. 


We then purchased another ASA 5515x and replaced a Meraki MX64 at an office having this issue and used IKEv2 and issue solved. We then noticed Meraki put out a beta firmware that allows for IKEv2 on none Meraki peers so we gave that a try at a few sites. Issue still persist. We've contacted ComCast and they don't see any issue/don't care enough to help so we've tried that route. Any ideas on what it could be?