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SNMP Utilization of ADSL Lines

Damian Baran
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Level 1
Hey Guys,
I would like to ask you if you have any experience with monitoring of ADSL Lines.
I'm administrator of monitoring platform and we have some issues with monitoring of those lines. As you probably know for usual synchronous lines we can use ifSpeed OID from RFC1213 MIB to poll speed values from devices. Then we can calculate utilization of those lines based on duplex (full/half) number of packets received in particular direction for specified time and also time which lapsed. Then we can get utilization in and utilization out for particular interfaces.
Issue here is that for ADLS lines we can take speed value of one direction from Dialer interface and speed vale of another direction from ATM interface. Another funny thing here is that speed values for ADSL changes over time within about 10% as far as I know.
We've compiled Cisco's ADSL-Line-MIB into our software and analysed which OID we need to poll from which interface in order to get speed of particular direction. We use following OID to get TX speed of ADSL line:
"adslAtucChanCurrTxRate" "" and ifSpeed to get speed of RX speed of ADSL line. Note: our network guys created script to overwrite ifSpeed for value of RX speed of ADSL line on regular basis.
Currently because of software limitations of our software we use to monitor thousands of devices I've started to work on my own batch script which will do this work with help of snmpwalk.exe but I'm open to new ides and your experience. I will be very glad for each advice in this matter.
Thank you.
Best Regards,
Damian Baran
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