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Jake Pratt

T1 cards in 3845

Hey everyone

I am doing some upgrades and I need some advice on hardware.  I am replacing our core router, which is a very old 7204VXR, with a T3 card in it.  We are using it to terminate about 10 point to point T1's.  It is also the central gateway for our entire network.

I am planning on replacing it with a 3845, and an NM-1T3/E3 card for my DS3.  I think I've got that part worked out.

My real question is concerning future upgrades.  We are trying to convert many of these point to point connections to Metro Ethernet, and get rid of the huge DS3 cost.  When that happens, I'll probably have a handful of point to point T1's left over (maybe 2-6 of them).  So, what I need is a good solution to terminate those 2-6 PTP T1's in my 3845.  In the past I have just been using the old WIC-1DSU-T1-V2 cards to terminate my T1's.  I am looking for a solution that won't break the bank.  I looked at both the HWIC-4T1/E1 and the NM-8CE1T1-PRI cards (which terminate 4 and 8 T1's), but they are like $4,500 and $8,500 respectively.  That's way beyond my budget for these.  I definitley don't need a card that will do PRI's (DSP's etc.).  I just need it to terminate plain old point to point T1's.

So it may be that I'm just looking at the wrong cards.  Or maybe the make cards that will go in the back of the 3845 that will house 2, 4 or more WIC slots, and I could just use WIC-1DSU-T1-V2 cards?  I have a fair amount of routing/switching experience, but when it comes to Cisco product knowledge, I am definitely not an expert.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Jake Pratt

Could I use an EtherSwitch solution to terminate Point to Point T1's?  Something like the WIC-4ESW?

No. For T1 circuits, you need T1 interfaces.

Thanks for the response.  I'll scratch EtherSwitch solutions off my list.  So is my best option to get an NM card that would support a couple WIC cards, or are there some better integrated solutions?  Would I need HWIC cards or are WIC cards ok?  Any idea which NM cards might work?

Thanks again!

You should use only HWIC card. You can look on the used market for savings.

Thanks again for the reply.  So something like the HWIC-1DSU-T1 would do the trick?  Do you know if there is a 2-port model?