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TED on Cisco ISR 4221?

I've been given the task of copying the configurations from old 1921 routers to the new 4221 routers (as the 1921 are EOL). These new routers will be using an ISDN 30 network card as the WAN link back to the backbone network. Most of the configuration from the old 1921 went over fine except that I had to put the configuration from the serial interface to a dialer interface so it can dial the backbone router ISDN number. The configuration also features some VPN encryption, my knowledge within this field is very limited so I copied everything across and all of it went on okay accept the line 


crypto map pris_vpn 10 ipsec-isakmp dynamic pris_map discover


It gives me an error saying 'Tunnel endpoint discovery is not supported by the current hardware crypto engine', from my understanding it can't support the discover part of the command so the tunnels can't be come up. When this crypto map is applied to the dailers as they are I can't ping from network to network (but I can ping dialer to dialer). But when the crypto maps are removed off the interfaces I can ping both networks throughout.


So my question is, is this the IOS (isr4200-universalk9_ias.16.09.02.SPA) not supporting the TED command or the ISR 4221 hardware not supporting the tunnel discovery?


Any help is much appreciated.





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