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Throttle bandwidth for server based on current overall bandwidth usage

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I'm not sure if this is the right forum.

We have a Cisco ASA 5525 with version 9.14(4) software.  We have a server on the inside network and the ISP (internet) is connected  to the outside network.  Our internet connection can burst up to 1 Gb/s, but we are committed to 100Mb/s.  Most of the time our traffic is well below the 100 Mb/s.  We are going to add a server that will be uploading to a cloud backup service, which would cause us to go well above the 100 Mb/s.  We would like this server to only use the bandwidth that is available up to 100Mb/s.

For example, if the usage is currently 75 Mb/s, then the server should only be able to use 25 Mb/s.  If there is currently no bandwidth usage, then the server should be able to use the full 100 Mb/s.  If all 100 Mb/s is used, then the server shouldn't be able to get out (or should be minimal).

Is this possible?

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