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Transfer of APPX License from one Router to another Router

We have ISR 4300 Series router without APPX licence, but it requires APPX license.

We have same model of Router  with APPX licence, which is not required in this Router. This Router is fixed for specific functionality which is not replaceable.

So we need to transfer APPX licence of this router to another router which requires APPX licence.Requesting to suggest the possible to Transfer of APPX licence from One Router to another Router.

Elliot Dierksen
Rising star

If you are using smart licensing, you can remove the appropriate "license boot" command from one router, and add it to another. If you aren't using smart licensing, you have to contact cisco licensing and ask them if them will generate a license file so you can move it. It has to be the same router family (ISR 4K to ISR 4K, etc) to be able to move the license.

Thank you sir,
We are using smart licencing account, and Routers are same family and same model.
When we received the Router from Cisco, it is pre-loaded with APPX license, and that particular APPX licences are not reflecting in Smart licensing account, to transfer to another Router.
We approached with Supplier regarding this, the response we got that it is not possible transfer.


Please suggest.




I would open a case with Cisco licensing. If it can be done, they are the only ones that can do it.