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Translating Vlans

I've started a new role at my job which is to configure service instance on our network nodes, since we mainly collect and deliver traffic from/to other OLO the usual way we go about this is to create a service instance on the proper interface on the collection/delivery router and then create a xconnect between the interface and a MPLS pseudowire to take care of the transport. 

In Vlan translation scenarios what we do is to strip both tags once we pick up the traffic, transport it to the delivery interface which will retag the frames with the vlan the receiving OLO expects.

My trouble arises from this scenario:

The collection and delivery router are on the same location and have a L2 interlink.

I was advised that in these scenarios I should leverage on the L2 interlink and do so by creating the service instance also under the local port-channel and then create a bridge domain to put the service instance under the collection/delivery interface and the one under the Po together. (On each router the interface utilised for the interlink is part of a port-channel) 

My main trouble arises from where we need to perform a vlan translation as outlined above. Which leaves me with a few questions:

-Stripping both tags on the collecting interface is not possible in this case, correct?
I think no because if we do so, I guess the router would be able to forward the untagged frame to the port-channel (since we do have a bridge-domain that puts the two interfaces together) but once it gets to the other router, it would be dropped because the other router has no idea what to do with it.

-Is it enough to have both interfaces under the same bridge domain for a router to understand what to do with a frame?

If we strip both the Vlan from the operator that delivered traffic to us and our own svlan on the collection interface, would having that interface bridged with another be enough for the frame to be forwaded it there or, would the router drop it once it gets to the Po?

I think the correct way to go about this (depending on the answers on my two questions above) would be to pop 1 tag at the entrance and have the frame travel to the Po on the other router with the SVLAN, once it gets there, pop the other tag and have on the delivery interface configured the encapsulation that matches teh VLAN the OLO expects to receive

Apologies for the lengthy post and thanks in advance for any help you might give me





VIP Master

MPLS VPLS device in the Service provide network - config will be based on the device but concept is same.


Can you provide what is the Device and some example config to understand better ( we understand what you trying to achieve, we also like to what is configured )


one of the good presentation to understand for reference :




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