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Marcus Peck

Transport network

Hi experts,

I am embarking on a totally-new-to-me project, a transport network. I got the sample network diagram attached.  In the diagram, all stations will be interconnected via a Cisco 3560C which all points back to the HQ. IP addressing scheme is as such. I am also aware of the IP Base image this switch comes with, limited to only 1 area of OSPFv2 or v3. The fiber interconnects are single-mode using DWDM, i.e. different transmit and receive frequencies. First of all, in design spec wise, will this be a validated design given the budget as such, only the devices in the diagram are used and cannot be changed.

Thank you!

Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend

Is this to scale? I mean the amount of stations?

If this is so, then I do not see any rationale to running routing. Like it or not, there's literally one-way out.

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Hi Leo, Thanks for replying. the number of stations is correct for the moment, with expansion along the way couple of years down the road. There could be multiple networks connecting to each station but this has not been firmed up yet as well. If there is a network (172.16.x.x) coming in, i guess routing would be involved.

Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend

Ok. I understand your situation.

The links from the stations to your 3750X core switch, is this a point-to-point dark fibre?

If this is so, then I still don't see the logic to go routing. Worst case scenario, you enable Layer 3 on the core.

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Hi Leo, I understand that there is a limit for L2 ethernet in that the maximum hop is 4? Looks like L3 with OSPF for routed access is sufficient? The stations are all interconnected with single-mode DWDM single core.