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Troubleshooting traffic flow

Kinda have a complex setup, but looking

for troubleshooting starting point.


                                                                             - PC on Nat / VPN

                                                  - Cisco 871 (.78)

Basic setup is Cable router

                                                 - Cisco ASA 5505 (.66)

                                                                                 - Web server (public .70 (nat with static map)

                                                 - Mac OS (.74)

I need to be able to access the web server behind the ASA (all works fine from the internet) from the PC on the 871.  I need to know what commands I can run on the 871 to figure out where the traffic is going.

If I ping a public IP on the ASA from the 871 PC I can see the packet on the ASA - echo and reply - but never makes it back to the 871 PC.  If I send any TCP traffic (port 80 etc) I never see the traffic on the ASA.  I placed a Mac on the cable router with public IP and can't get to it either.  So, it do not think it is the ASA causing any issues.

I have very limited access to the 871 - and can't make many changes without being shunned....  Looking for what I can run on the 871 to see what is flowing through it.  Appreciate any ideas???  thanks


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