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Two WAN connections in one Router




  I am having Cisco 2911/K9 router. And I want to connect my both WAN links on it with redundancy. Both WAN links are using BGP protocol with different AS number.

Primary WAN Link

BGP 100

Connected on g0/1 ( of router)



Secondary WAN Link

BGP 200

Connected on g0/2 ( of router)


LAN is connected on g0/0 interface.



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Tagir Temirgaliyev
Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

you need your own AS and Provider Independent subnet


I didn't get you.


I guess you need to clarify what is "redundancy" for you.

If we are talking about Internet access for internal customers/users - that's one configuration (ip sla, NAT with route-maps and, possibly, PBR).

If you want to publish internal servers for Internet users, it's another requirement and it could require you to run BGP (as ttemirgaliyev) noted.


Dear Vasilii,

    Thanks for your reply.  I am having two provider for our IPVPN network running on BGP. I need the backup link to be active if Primary link goes down.

But the problem is I am having only one router. I am attaching image file for the diagram. I want to connect both Primary and Backup link on one router, but when primary link fails,backup link should be active.

Is it possible.


Hello Majed,

Do you already run BGP with both ISPs? If yes what is a problem, failover should work.

Do you have public IP addresses on LAN segment? Do you have your own AS?

Best Regards Please rate all helpful posts and close solved questions


Yes  I have both ISP's running. How I should configure to make it fail over.



router bgp 100

neighbor 62.149.x.x remote-as 65000

redistribute connected


router bgp 200

neighbor 192.168.100.x remote-as 29684



How I can make failover

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