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unable to ping the LAN network from my other LAN

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Hello everyone, I am currently working on an MPLS VPN project with the goal of virtualizing multiple network infrastructures and enabling communication through an MPLS VPN. My CE devices have no issues communicating with each other, and the WAN interfaces of my PfSense devices are also working fine.

The problem arises when trying to establish communication between LAN interfaces (I've created a small diagram to illustrate the issue). I strongly believe it's a routing issue, but I'm unsure of the specific location.

!!!!Don't worry about the little clouds; I'm trying to set up dual WAN for redundancy on site-to-site traffic with IPSEC!!!!

Please bear with me as I am a beginner, and this is my first MPLS lab.

Thank you all,




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can You more elaborate

I don't know what MHM is, sorry, can you explain, pls ?  

MHM is his Initials. Nothing to do with instructions.  He is asking to elaborate the problems and errors your getting.


Thank you for your responses. I realize that my initial request might have lacked clarity. My main goal with this MPLS VPN project is to ensure seamless communication between different sites on my network. Currently, the interfaces on my devices are communicating correctly with each other, with no issues. However, the problem arises when I attempt to have LAN networks communicate through the MPLS. When I perform a ping from one LAN network to another across the MPLS, the packets do not get through.

I suspect the issue lies in the routing configuration or perhaps in the MPLS implementation itself. I have configured the CE devices to communicate among themselves and with the WAN interfaces of the PfSense devices, which work as expected. The challenge appears when I try to have these LAN networks communicate through the MPLS.

Could you please provide me with guidance or suggestions on how I might troubleshoot this issue? I am particularly interested in advice on verifying MPLS routes and configuration to ensure communication between LAN networks through the MPLS.

I am still in the learning phase and greatly appreciate any help or direction you might offer.

Thank you in advance for your patience and support.


I have successfully resolved the communication problem between LAN networks by adding my PfSense devices to the OSPF process. It was indeed a routing issue, and this solution allowed the CE devices to establish the necessary routes for communication.

Now, I am curious about the potential security implications of adding PfSense devices to the OSPF process. Is this considered a secure practice, or are there better alternatives?

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