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Cisco Employee

VLAN Support in the 871 Router

Hello team, I have a question and I hope you can give some guidance. A SP customer bought a large quantity of 871 routers in basic configuration (that means 24MB Flash & Cisco IOS Advanced Security Feature Set). The thing is that the customer realized that the design needed to support 802.1q VLANs in the 4 LAN ports. What I've been reading on the datasheets is that in order to configure VLANs the customer needs to upgrade the flash memory from 24MB to 28MB and perform IOS upgrade to Advanced IP Services.

My question is, is there another way to acommplish this without upgrading Flash memory? Customer is in a hurry and needs to find a quick workaround (since buying flash upgrade could take some time). Can you help me out on this?

Many thanks in advanced fellows !

Best Regards

Pedro Zevallos


Re: VLAN Support in the 871 Router


Just been checking support on 871 for 802.1Q Trunking and Support and there are some images which support both ,with 128/24 beginning with the 12.4 Train. You can check if your features are supported with that IOS.

P.S The site i referred to was

Cisco Employee

Re: VLAN Support in the 871 Router

Thanks a lot for your quick answer! I think this could be the solution...I appreciate your support.

Best Regards!

Pedro Z


Re: VLAN Support in the 871 Router

Actually, you can run the Advanced IP Services but you won't be able to have the SDM installed on the router at the same time.

The ADVIP image is just smaller than 16MB, whereas the ADSERV image is around 13MB. Delete the SDM files and you'll be ok.

You can still connect to the router with SDM if it's installed locally on a PC, but you will need the wireless tar file on the router if you want to use SDM to configure the wireless portion.


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