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Voice VLAN issues with Extreme ME connection???


We have a customer who is facing some issues. We are deploying a Metro Ethernet WAN solution between two sites. The main site has two CUCM servers located in one IP segment, and the remote site has IP phones connected to another segment. When we are running over a Multilink or Serial interface that connects both sites we have no issues with calls between the sites. However, everytime we enable the Metro Ethernet connection (which is installed on Extreme Network switches) the phones at the remote site can't see the CUCM servers, they even get into SRST fallback mode and no calls between sites can be made.

My question is, since the edge routers (we have a 2851 on one end and a 2951 on the remote site) are connected via Fast Ethernet interfaces to the Extreme switches to get the ME WAN connection, we need to tag different VLANs on the interfaces (the ISP is installing two separate VLANs to provide redundancy, however this solution is not working with neither of those interfaces), would it be possible that we are facing issues with the voice vlan feature on the access switches that connect the IP phones on the remote site?, is there any workaround we can try to make the remote site phones to work with the ME WAN connection?.

If you need more information please let me know.

I am willing to hear any suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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