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WAN Network Expansion requirement


I want to expand my company network upto 370 remote users. currently only 10 users can connect with my ERP system. to do so, I have configured IPSec VPN on Cisco 2811 router and I have added a third party link load balancer in front of it to add 2 internet connections for load balancing,

I want to ensure that whether this system will be well enough for 370 users or I need to upgrade my Router or add any other device, I want to implement best technology for smooth network availability

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Joseph W. Doherty
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With routers, it's not so much number of users but how much traffic will be processed by the router.  Only if you accurately know usage per user could we somewhat accurately answer your question.

However, if your 10 users do represent same load, per user, as expected for the additional 370 users, we might estimate you need 40x your current router's processing level.

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